NSMM (Network of Skilled Migrants - Manawatu) is here to support you to identify your talent and economic opportunities, help to develop your professional network and to enhance skills, and future settlement in Manawatu


Don't just believe our word. Join the events we organise, discuss with the people from local businesses while having a coffee :)


Our services and aspirations will provide;

Co-operation with other similar and relevant organisations in regards to finding employment for skilled migrants
  • Pathways to employment Red Cross program

  • Talent Central
  • Student City
  • Massey University
  • Universal College of Learning (UCOL)
  • Institute of the Pacific United (IPU)
  • English Language Partners  (ELP))
Networking opportunities with local businesses and supporting startup businesses
  • Share ideas and knowledge with people who have the same skills
  • Meet business people around Manawatu that help to create connections
  • Get support from the network when you are in need of starting up your own business
Enhance economic contribution of migrants to the city
  • Through labour force integration
  • By assisting the process of qualification & skills assessment and recognition
  • By identifying pathways to vocational, English language and skills training through external organisations and partners
  • Through mentoring, partnerships and professional advice
  • Identifying needs and gaps
Looking for a skilled job?

NSMM, Network of Skilled Migrants Manawatu is an organisation/consultancy specialising in support of employment related activities of migrants to the Manawatu region. NSMM consists of two departments, An Agency and SkillMatcher NZ Platform; a social networking platform to be developed.

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Upcoming Events

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Networking For Succesful Employment

Thursday, 1 November 2018 at 6pm-7pm in the City Library, PN. Narita Dixon, from KonnectionNZ, has Experience in diverse industries as a trainer, tutor, coach, consultant and manager as well as experi…
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